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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are you a terrorist?

Today on the show, there was a disagreement of what a terrorist is according to the Federal government and whether or not those definitions could be used to detain indefinitely American citizens that fit those definitions.

The question is, Are you a terrorist?

Senator Rand Paul was not grandstanding when he gave a definition of who the Federal government considers potential terrorist. He not only inferred, but flat out said that S.1867, because of the vagueness of the bill, could be used to indefinitely detain American citizens that fall under the guise of a potential terrorist. What was he referring to in particular? Well, you can check this link out, FBI "communities against terrorism" list.
This is a real list, my brother has gotten a similar one sent to his store by the ATF.
There is also the MIAC report. This spreads the wealth, so to speak. Do you have a Gadsden flag? Terrorist!
And then there is this story, where federal agents are trying to get information on people who store food.

There are other "lists" that DHS and the FBI have on potential terrorists. They include every last one of you.

Watch again Rand Paul question Sen. McCain on S.1867 here.  McCain had every opportunity to mock Rand Paul and call him an alarmist nut job, but he didn't. In fact, when questioned if this bill would authorize for American citizens who might be considered terrorist to be detained indefinitely, McCain flatly said," Well, I think this is what Americans want." This is DIRECTLY AFTER Rand Paul gives a definition of what a terrorist suspect is.
So happy days are over.
This is not a fantasy story.
These folks are not Mary Poppins.

You are dealing with this:

Actually, that picture is kind of old, they have updated a bit:

These actions are put into effect incrementally, to boil the frog slowly so to speak. Even my little girls can play connect the dots. These people are showing us the dots, connecting them for us, and we still want to hide our heads in the sand, saying no they won't and they are screaming "Yes we can"?  You can't say they lack good faith, they are giving us fair warning.
You must ask yourself and be willing to answer honestly, not with your definition, but with the government's: "Am I a Terrorist?"

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