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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Occupy Fairbanks braces for fines.

Pressure mounts on the Occupy Fairbanks folks. They are looking at stiff penalties, up to and at least $50. lol
See the story in the news miner here.
Keep it up guys, I'll donate $50. The state claims they are damaging the grass. Seriously, that's what our money is stolen for, to give people jobs to tell us that these guys are killing grass that is under 8 inches of snow in ground that has been frozen 3 feet deep for a month.
It's a wonder more folks in this borough don't do some peaceful defiance of other ordinances, what do you have to lose? All they can do is fine you $50? Hah!  And that's too much for people to risk? I know there are plenty of ordinances that folks gripe about every day here, well these guys are paving the way, one way, of how to get your point across, and they have proven they can't do a dang thing to you. Come on you conservatives, you going to let these "commies" show you up on standing for our Rights? Put on the song, have you been to jail for justice and get out there and occupy yourself!

Rotten laws stay on the books till folks with guts defy it!

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