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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Question

EDIT: I have been told by some people who know, that Don Young would be the best guy to contact regarding this. He's the most outspoken of all the people listed here for sure, so if you are going to focus your efforts, I'd encourage you to focus them towards calling his office.

For those of you who are looking for something to "do" regarding the unjust actions taken by the FBI yesterday (in particular, the ones in Fairbanks) here are some people to address your grievances to.

1. Contact the Alaska Delegation in D.C.
Don Young - 1-866-990-5979 or 202-225-5765
Lisa Murkowski - 202-224-6665
Mark Begich - 202-224-3004

2. Contact the Fairbanks Delegation in Juneau and the Governor

Ask any/all of the following state representatives/governor the following question: "Who has jurisdiction in the State of Alaska?" Do not accept a cop-out answer. We know the answer to this already, but make them admit it. Smash the myth of state sovereignty or make them stand up and assert it.

Sean Parnell - http://gov.alaska.gov/parnell/contact/email-the-governor.html

Joe Thomas - Senator_Joe_Thomas@legis.state.ak.us
Joe Paskvan - Senator_Joe_Paskvan@legis.state.ak.us
John Coghill - Senator_John_Coghill@legis.state.ak.us

Bob Miller - Representative_Bob_Miller@legis.state.ak.us
David Guttenberg - Representative_David_Guttenberg@legis.state.ak.us
Scott Kawasaki - Representative_Scott_Kawasaki@legis.state.ak.us
Steve Thompson -Representative_Steve_Thompson@legis.state.ak.us
Tammie Wilson -Representative_Tammie_Wilson@legis.state.ak.us

Who has jurisdiction Mr. Parnell? Do you? Be honest.

I have added the reps phone #, please call, call, call.


  1. Still waiting for an answer to that question...

    C'mon you nullification fans. Step it up!

  2. Thank you for the information. Keep up the good work. I am with Coleman Barney's group, please pass onto the Anderson family that they have our full support and prayers. If they need anything contact me back.

  3. Thank you C. I will tell them. The truth will come. Be safe!

  4. Keep letting your voice be heard Joshua. You are an admirable man and father. I am impressed at your ability to keep a cool head and help your children stay calm during that. It was appreciated that you were on the news. I am sorry about Dukes. He is controlled by fear. Most people are, I used to be, not that I am completely void of it, but realizing that we can continue to shrink and slink or have faith and stand. We have a facebook page with our supporters. I do not know if you are on facebook but if there's some way we can stay in touch I think it would be good to let the Anderson's and your family know that you are not suffering alone. God is with this case, and He is mightier than all, He will fight our battles, but we can be a strength to eachother. God Bless. I am okoyukon on Newsminer. i'm not ashamed to identify myself. If they want the information it's not hard to do a little research. We are praying for you and yours to feel the Comforter (Holy Spirit John 14:26&27) at this time. Please let Michael know he is not alone. I believe the Fairbanks community is starting to see the principles in this rather than just the case itself. I pray that that will continue and Michael's "arrest" may be one part of God's will to open people's eyes. God Be with you all. Thanks for taking care of them. It is good to see loyal friends and noble citizens who will not forsake others to save themselves. Sincerely, Chelsea Barney

  5. I was so sorry to hear about Michael and his family. This is Coleman Barney's wife and my heart just aches for them. Reading the account of thatday brought back such vivid and awful memories of March 10th at my house, although Coleman had already been arrested when they stormed my house with big old guns. I have 5 kids and 2 of them were here. They still have nightmares as do I. Please let Michael's wife and sweet kids know that we are praying for them and the truth.

    Rachel Barney

  6. I will, thanks both of you for the comments, they can't hide the truth forever, and we know the "Truth shall set you free".

    I often wonder if these goons sit back at the office after a raid and tell stories of how they feared for their lives after they raid a home full of woman and children.

  7. You might keep this list somewhere where you can constantly find it... While this issue is what its needed for first, there are other issues these people to need to be contacted about on a rather frequent basis (for example the use of a certain Predator UAV in North Dakota...).

  8. Good point Sudsy, I have been sorely disappointed with responses I have gotten from local reps,(but not surprised) I'm sure you have been too. Can you send me a link on the N.Dakota story? Haven't seen it, but I will post it.