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Monday, December 19, 2011

Yes folks, it's called Fascism

Here is a little ammo for the Occupy Fairbanks guys, I got this off of Lew Rockwell's blog. Everyone of us who sees this should be be very, very, angry. Pass this info on to your friends and family. Wake some people up!
We are truly being robbed.
Keep it up Occupy Fairbanks. This has got to be shown to the People.
Chart on the government/business Fascist connection.


  1. I'm discovering that this so-called "revolving door" between government and big business is nothing new. Rothbard documents this fascist trend and its effect on US foreign policy since its rise in the late 19th century. I suspect, however, that the story of government, power and big business is as old as the State itself.

  2. Sam, it definitely is not new. If you look at the British Empire,(just for example)in the 1500's, and the British colonies in America during the 1600's, this collaboration between so called industry and the state is nothing new. The state setting up monopolies,(in the new world it was mostly land monopolies) is something that we will always contend with as long as there is a STATE that has the monopoly of FORCE behind it. What do we expect? Fallen man being "good"? Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and having absolute force(sanctioned by the people???)results in what we see today. I strongly suggest reading Rothbard's "Conceived in Liberty". If only 1/5th of the people in this country would read and understand it, well, I don't know what would happen.
    But I can hope.