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Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupy Fairbanks + Call of the Week!

Here's the latest show from this last Saturday. It was a lot of fun having the Occupy guys in studio with us. It was fun to show that far from being card carrying communists, they are constitution carrying Americans who believe in the rights of the individual and oppose the police state that has grown up around us. It's long past time to set petty differences aside and stand in unity for our rights, which as Dave pointed out in the show are ours by nature of our humanity. Not by permission. Not because of a piece of paper.

This in striking contrast to a few of our callers, including our Call of the Week caller Randy. Randy introduced us to a new legal theory that I have termed the "Bad Dude Theory of Justice" or BDTOJ. The crux of this theory is that some people can kill whoever they want whenever they want. This was the first time we had a caller advocate outright murder on air. Well done Randy. Bold move. Most people would not be so brazen in calling for bloodshed of innocents who have not been indicted, charged, tried, or convicted. I think we all learned a lot about what so many in the Religious Right stand for. Innocent blood covering their hands.

I am still looking for that verse where Jesus called for this. If you can find it, please clue me in by posting in the comments section below.

Patriot's Lament - December 3, 2011 - Occupy Fairbanks joins us in the studio

Call of the Week! Randy and the "Bad Dude Theory of Justice" (BDTOJ)


  1. I love Randy! He watched the video of Rand Paul telling us about the ramifications of the bill, he watched Rand question McCain and saw that McCain would not deny the fact that American citizens can be detained, but NEVER FEAR! Randy looked at the law himself and decided it wasn't so!
    We need to get a position opened up for him at the Senate to read all the bills before they are voted on, then he can give his views of it, and PRESTO! No need to have all these senseless debates, everyone could just vote off his recommendations, and all bills would pass with total unanimity!!

  2. For those looking for more information, here's a link to a story regarding the killing of Awlaki's American son, Abdulrahman. I was wrong, he wasn't 17, he was 16. His cousin - who was killed as well, along with seven other people - was 17.


    Additionally, here's a link to Abdulrahman's birth certificate: