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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More info from the news minus

Here is the story on the news minus here.

Notice the feds are saying he wasn't arrested. HAHA so getting hauled off in cuffs isn't being arrested? What, they just want to have tea and he can go? The comments will make you puke, more people defending the feds.


  1. Stockholm syndrome at it's finest.

  2. http://definitions.uslegal.com/m/material-witness/
    "Under a 1984 federal statute, prosecutors may seek an arrest warrant if a potential witness's testimony is "material" to a criminal proceeding and the individual is likely to flee. A judge must approve the warrant, and the witness is entitled to a bond hearing and a court-appointed attorney."
    NOT arrested? Are they THAT ignorant or do they think we are THAT stupid?

  3. While that may be true Face, the fed's wanted to again show they dominance over everyone and that they can do as they please, Constitution, BoR & DoI be damned.

    Joshua-glad nothing bad came to your family. We will keep you and all in our prayers.