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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The big O to sign detention bill into law

Well, foregoing party politics, for the good of all Americans, the house and the senate agree, and the white house is expected to sign the bill, see it here.
That's nice. After watching the repub presidential debate tonight, I'd say all but one guy there will gladly put it to use.
It sure makes me feel safer, and I will sleep better at night knowing this is happening now, the use of predator UAV's on Americans, read that story here. Actually, google that story, there are a few good differing views.
Just found this story on it here: drones, coming soon over a home near you?
I wonder when they are going to make us REALLY safe and start employing the UAV's with these in the U.S.A.:
You know you're safe when you go in the backyard for a BBQ with the kids and see this happening:

"Look kids, someone is being protected!"

I know, I know, silly silly alarmist Josh, it can't happen here.

Go back to your football game.


  1. I, for one, welcome our all powerful, all wise overlords and their ubiquitous oversight. Praise Obama.

  2. Silly, silly Josh.
    Of course it can't happen here.

    After all, this is America, and there's still the rule of law. It's not like agents of the state break into homes full of kids to kidnap someone at gunpoint, and then hold him without charging him or anything. That's just stuff that happened in Russia.

    Even if it did happen here, we're America, and so it wouldn't really mean we're not free. After all, at every baseball game, someone sings a song that tells us that we're free.

    I mean, this is America. Everything that's wrong will be fixed in November, at our next election.


    I'll be hitting the weights again. And the range.

    These idiots are making peaceful change impossible, and doing everything possible to create a whole slew of self-fulfilling prophecies.

    Ain't it fun.


  3. "Everything that's wrong will be fixed in November, at our next election."
    You say that like you don't believe it! :-)